welcome to my corner of the internet :)

My experience as a designer started with spending most of my spare time walking on the river bank at night, actively listening to conversations of people taking a walk after a day of work. The concerns and social issues I observed triggered me to wonder how to solve their problems. While I had no idea at the time, I now know that being a designer means creating positive changes for communities. It means asking constructive questions, developing a critical & thoughtful process, implementing ideas with strong craft, and making for real people.

Carrying the state of mind to my design process, I usually started my work with research on my local community and the possible usage of media. With design and physical installation, I hope my design can discover unique information, care about human beings, and be meaningful to our lives.

When I'm not dreaming up solutions in a Miro file, I'm probably learning Graphic Design and Psychology at Boston University, taking a walk with friends by the bank of the Charles River, calling my families, or taking a nap.